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The people at Sodales have joined forces for the benefit of patients and their organisations. Some of them actually work for such organisations. They are convinced that a modern patient organisation should be making full and optimum use of modern technology. After all, their task is to serve their members, their donors and the wider social environment. At the moment, Sodales can offer three products to its affiliates:

  • Support for committee members in making realistic plans aimed at achieving an optimum level of use of ICT technology
  • Making software available for efficient administration of members and other relations
  • Making existing printed information available in spoken form. (this is a test)

Sodales is the best package for a patient organisation’s membership administration. The Sodales package was developed in close collaboration with – and initially for – various patient organisations.
Sodales Working Group is a not-for-profit alliance of around twenty patient organisations in the Netherlands.
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